Building a Vinyl Liner Pool

Vinyl Liner Pool Building ProcessIf you are considering building a vinyl liner pool, leave it to the swimming pool professionals. Our expert crew will walk you through the entire pool building and installation process, from the initial consultation to your first swim!

This comprehensive, step-by-step guide below showcases the scope of work that is included with building a vinyl liner pool for your home. This process below outlines the approach we take and what you can expect when you choose to work with the best pool builders in Raleigh!

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Step 1: Consultation With Our Customer

Vinyl liner pools are completely customizable, providing our customers with a lot of freedom when designing their dream pool. With full control over the capabilities that our pool building team can provide, we can bring your vision to life. This initial consultation includes a visit to your home to discuss your plans in-person and provides us with an opportunity to evaluate the land you want to place the pool in.

Throughout the consultation, we will gain a complete understanding of what your expectations that your new pool will consist of, allowing us to accurately consult on your pool project. If you are not completely sure about the layout, design, and shape of pool that you are looking for, then no worries. We will be sure to show you examples, options, and previously built pools to help inspire your custom pool. You can also gain some inspiration by checking our custom pool portfolio. Included in these options is the vinyl liner which can vary in color, pattern, and design, offering you many options for choosing the interior look of your pool.

After our initial consultation, we will provide you with a quote for your new pool.

Step 2: Acquiring Permits

We know the term “permit” might seem daunting to homeowners, but not to worry, we will work with you to obtain all necessary permits for your pool project.

Step 3: Outline Your Pool Area

The first step that we take before digging is to paint an outline of the pool that we will build, in the space you’ve chosen on your property. We will also place flags around the pool area to help you visualize the pool and to guide our contractor where to begin digging.

Step 4: Digging Your Pool

Now that the pool planning phase is completed, we are ready to start digging! We have partnered with the same digging contractor for over 20 years, ensuring that each pool that we dig is dug correctly.

Step 5: Build Steel

Once the hole for your pool has been completed, we build the steel walls that have been custom ordered based upon your pool design to include optimal locations of skimmers, returns and lights. 

Step 6: Install Concrete Bondbeam

After the walls have been built, we make sure they are square and level. We then have concrete delivered to pour a concrete footer around the outside bottom of walls to lock them in place.

Step 7: Plumbing & Backfill

Now that the concrete is hard, we install the plumbing around the pool as well as plumb the pump and filter.

Step 8: Electrical

In this step, we complete the wiring of the pool control panel. We take power from your existing house panel and feed it to the pool panel. We use a licensed electrician for this step.

Step 9: Installing Vermiculite Floor

Once we have received your custom vinyl liner, we shape the dirt inside the pool for the specific measurements of the pool liner. After the shaping is completed, we install a portland cement and vermiculite floor that is hand troweled to create a solid bottom underneath your liner. 

Step 10: Vinyl Liner Placement

Now that we have built the foundation for your pool, it is time to place and install your custom vinyl liner.

Step 11: Fill Pool with Water

The next step of the custom vinyl liner pool building process is to fill your pool with water and to set the chemical treatment to keep your pool clean.

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