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Installing a custom vinyl liner pool from Prestige Pools is a fast and affordable solution for escaping the summer heat in the Raleigh and Johnston County areas. Our goal is to deliver the in-ground vinyl pool of your dreams, so the only limit to our capabilities is your imagination. With a huge array of options for sizes, shapes, decking materials, spa and water treatments, landscaping and more, we at Prestige Pools are proud to be your source for your ideal vinyl liner pool installation.

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Custom Vinyl Pool Options

Vinyl liner pools aren’t just a fast and affordable in-ground pool option for homeowners in the Raleigh area. Vinyl liner pools also feature a smooth surface and are much less rough on your feet as compared to most concrete pools. At Prestige Pools, we understand that you need a pool that is unique to your specific wants and needs, and that is why we take advantage of the highly customizable, nature of vinyl liner pools.  We offer an extensive array of custom vinyl pool options including:

  • A wide variety of vinyl liner pool shapes and aesthetic treatments: design your perfect backyard lagoon, mountain lake, classic Roman end, and much more
  • Custom waterline treatments with thousands of different styles of natural stone, brick, tile, concrete, and other options from which to choose
  • Options for automatic chemical feeders, automatic cleaners, automatic pumps and lights, automatic freeze protection, and more
  • Full landscaping, retaining wall building, and custom water treatment installation capabilities
  • And much more!

Features of In-Ground Vinyl Pools


Vinyl liner pools are a much more affordable option than their concrete and fiberglass counterparts. This means that vinyl pools make it possible for families and homeowners on almost any budget to construct a dazzling in-ground pool in their backyard. These savings leave room for further customization and result in less stress for you as a buyer.


Vinyl liner pools are shipped and constructed using modular panels. This leaves lots of room for customization when it comes to the shape, depth, and size of your vinyl pool design. The modular structure of these pools also means that it can be easier to transport materials in tight spaces and on small lots and ultimately results in a much smoother construction process. 

Fast Installation

Another benefit of choosing to install a vinyl liner pool is the turnaround time. Vinyl pool installation is a much faster and more simple process than installing pools with a coating. 

Ease of Maintenance

Today, vinyl liner pools are built with much stronger and more resilient materials than they were decades ago. This means you can go the budget-friendly route and be confident that you will be getting a pool that can withstand years of wear and tear. Any small damages can easily be seamlessly mended by patching with extra material.

Our Mission

Prestige Pools has been a family-owned and operated business since we started 25 years ago. This means that our owners are directly involved in each project and ensure the same high standards and expectations for every in-ground pool we build. We treat our customers like family and with them in a collaborative manner with great respect for their vision and their property. Our goal is not only to create a beautiful finished product, but to provide a transparent, stress-free experience from beginning to end.

Vinyl Liner Pools FAQ’s

How Long Does a Vinyl Pool Liner Last?

Most vinyl liner manufacturers give a 20-year pro-rated warranty, however; we find that in order to keep your vinyl liner pool looking the best and operating at the highest performance, most vinyl liner pool owners replace them at the 10 to 12-year mark.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Vinyl Pool Liner?

The replacement cost for a vinyl pool liner can vary, depending on the size of your pool. On average, we can replace a vinyl pool liner for around $4,900. We advise you to consult with our pool experts in order to receive the most accurate quote for your vinyl liner replacement.

What Is Under a Vinyl Pool Liner?

Depending on the experience level and preference of your pool builders, a variety of different materials might be used to establish a base under your vinyl pool liner. Common materials found beneath your vinyl liner include vermiculite, masonry sand, and foam. Vermiculite is the most common material used by pool builders today which has the feel of a dried hard sponge.

How Do You Know When You Need a New Pool Liner?

There are a few different causes that would require you to need a new vinyl pool liner. Faded vinyl pool liners are often the result of too high of chlorine levels in your pool, taking away the vibrant look that your pool had when it was first installed. Vinyl pool liners are tough, but not indestructible. If your pool liner has cuts, gashes, or openings, it would be a good idea to replace the vinyl liner to ensure the efficiency of your pool. Lastly, if you are looking for a fresh, new, look for your pool, replacing a vinyl liner is a great option!

Which Is Cheaper,  a Vinyl or Fiberglass Pool?

Vinyl liner pools are one of the most affordable pool types that you can purchase. A vinyl liner pool roughly the same size as a fiberglass pool is typically $10,000 to $15,000 less expensive. 

How Long Does a Vinyl Liner Pool Installation take?

Building a vinyl liner pool typically takes 4-6 weeks from the time we start digging the pool until we add water. This timeframe can vary, depending on the size of the pool that you are looking to have installed. You can learn more about our vinyl pool building process or call us today to schedule a consultation with our pool building experts.

Vinyl Liner Pool Shapes

While vinyl Liner pool designs can be customized to fit your unique vision for your backyard. Below are a few of the most popular shapes we offer that will look beautiful in your backyard.

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Every vinyl liner pool we build is completely unique and is built to the needs of each of our Raleigh, Cary, ApexClayton, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Wilson Mills, Four Oaks, Angier, Wendell, and Zebulon customers. This means the pool we build for you will be truly one of a kind. We guarantee that your new custom vinyl liner pool or concrete pool will be something that you will be proud to show off to neighbors and friends for years to come! 

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