Vinyl Pools in Archer’s Lodge

If you’re not sure if an inground pool will fit in your yard or your budget, contact Prestige Pools for a custom vinyl liner pool! We design and install one-of-a-kind inground vinyl pools at your home in Archer’s Lodge that will not only fit your yard and your budget, they’ll add beauty and value to your home and lifestyle!

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Vinyl Pools Gallery

18x37x29 lagoon w spillover spa16 x 32 rectangle pool w vinyl steps in Reef pattern24 x 40 Mountain Pond w vinyl steps20 x 43 x 28 True-L16x32 rectangle pool with Grecian shaped cornersRaleigh vinyl pool16x32 rectangle pool with Grecian corners and thermoplastic stepsIn-ground vinyl poolCustom in-ground poolBackyard vinyl poolVinyl liner pool in RaleighIn-ground vinyl poolCustom vinyl liner poolsBackyard vinyl poolCustom in-ground poolIn-ground vinyl poolCustom vinyl poolRaleigh vinyl poolBackyard vinyl liner poolCustom vinyl liner poolIn-ground Vinyl PoolVinyl liner poolsw/ thermoplastic steps in indigo marble blueBackyard vinyl poolRaleigh vinyl liner poolCustom vinyl poolVinyl liner pool 1Vinyl liner poolCustom-built poolVinyl pool in RaleighCustom vinyl liner poolsVinyl liner pool in RaleighIn-ground vinyl poolBackyard vinyl poolCustom in-ground poolCustom vinyl liner poolsCustom vinyl poolRaleigh vinyl poolIn-ground vinyl poolVinyl liner pool in RaleighCustom vinyl liner poolsBackyard vinyl poolCustom in-ground pool10 x 40 Rectangle shaped pool with 6 inch radius corners and inside, vinyl stepsBackyard vinyl poolVinyl liner pool in RaleighCustom vinyl liner poolsCustom vinyl liner poolsRaleigh vinyl poolVinyl liner pool in RaleighCustom vinyl poolw/ thermoplastic steps in indigo marble blueCustom in-ground poolIn-ground vinyl poolVinyl liner pool in RaleighCustom vinyl liner poolsBackyard vinyl poolIn-ground vinyl poolBackyard vinyl poolVinyl liner pool in RaleighCustom vinyl liner poolsIn-ground vinyl pool10x4 Rectangle Pool with 6 inch radius corners and inside vinyl steps rectangle-6-inch-radius-corners-w-vinyl-steps-insidew/ thermoplastic steps in indigo marble blue24 x 40 Mountain Pon w vinyl steps18x36 Mountain Lake w vinyl steps18x37x29 lagoon w spillover spa

Creating Your Custom Vinyl Pool  

Vinyl liner pools offer a wide variety of customization options so you can truly get the pool you want. Options include:

  • Different shapes and styles to match your aesthetic, including backyard lagoon, mountain lake, classic Roman ends, etc.
  • Pool surrounds and waterline treatments with thousands of different styles of natural stone, brick, tile, concrete, and other options from which to choose;
  • Automation solutions to save you time and ensure the ideal cleanliness, safety, and maintenance of your pool, including:  automatic chemical feeders, automatic cleaners, automatic pumps and lights, automatic freeze protection, and more;
  • Full landscaping, retaining wall building, and custom water treatment installation capabilities;
  • And much more!

Why Choose an Inground Vinyl Pool

Debating between what kind of pool you want? Consider the benefits of a vinyl liner pool.


This is the top reason homeowners choose a vinyl liner pool as they are a much less expensive than their concrete and fiberglass counterparts. Vinyl pools make it possible for families and homeowners on almost any budget to have the pool of their dreams in their yard. 


Vinyl liner pools are built using modular panels, so you can get the size and shape you want. This also makes it easy to transport materials in tight spaces, including small backyards, for an easier installation process.

Fast Installation

Concrete pools take a lot of time and work to install due to the challenges of the concrete curing process. Using the modular panels and a vinyl liner reduces the construction and installation time significantly, so instead of waiting for your pool, you can spend time enjoying it.   

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Vinyl liners are manufactured to be durable and long-lasting. While they are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace compared to repairs on a concrete pool, they are also easy to repair and patch for small tears and flaws. 

Why Choose Us for Your Inground Vinyl Pool

Prestige Pools is dedicated to providing beautiful custom pools to homeowners in and around Archer’s Lodge. With over 25 years in pool installation, our locally owned and operated business has the experience necessary to not just  create a beautiful finished product, but to provide a transparent, stress-free experience from beginning to end.

Vinyl Liner Pools FAQ’s

How Long Does a Pool with a Vinyl Liner Last?

Most manufacturers of vinyl liners provide a 20-year pro-rated warranty, but we find that in order to keep your pool looking the best and operating at the highest performance, it should be replaced around the 10 to 12-year mark.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Vinyl Pool Liner?

The replacement cost for a vinyl pool liner can vary, depending on the size of your pool. On average, we can replace a vinyl pool liner for less than $5,000. We advise you to consult with our pool experts in order to receive the most accurate quote for your vinyl liner replacement.

What Is Under a Vinyl Liner?

Depending on the experience level and preference of your pool builders, a variety of different materials might be used to establish a base under your vinyl pool liner. Common materials found beneath your vinyl liner include vermiculite, masonry sand, and foam. Vermiculite is the most common material used by pool builders today which has the feel of a dried hard sponge.

How Do You Know When You Need a New Pool Liner?

Several factors affect whether it’s time for a new liner. If high chlorine is sustained in your pool, it may fade and look washed out. Typically, if you’re seeing several rips, cuts, or openings in the liner, it’s time to go ahead and replace it rather than continue to patch it. Lastly, if you are looking for a fresh, new, look for your pool, replacing a vinyl liner is a great option!

How Long Does It Take to Install a Vinyl Pool?

Building a vinyl liner pool typically takes 2-3 weeks from the time we start digging the pool until we add water. This timeframe can vary, depending on the size of the pool that you are looking to have installed. You can learn more about our pool building process or call us today to schedule a consultation with our pool building experts.

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