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Transform Your Backyard into Tropical Paradise with a Gorgeous Inground Pool

Surviving the North Carolina summer heat can be tough. The high humidity and brutal temperatures make it nearly impossible to spend time outdoors. Spending warmer months trapped inside and in front of the AC unit will leave you and your family feeling miserable. Your kids’ summer breaks should be spent playing in the sun, not glued to the TV watching time go by.  Having a custom pool for your Holly Springs home makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors and experience a newfound love for your property!

Is an Inground Pool Right for You?

If an inground pool seems out of reach, think about the benefits and why it may be time to take the plunge and reach out to our pool builders in Holly Springs! 

Improve Quality of Life

Have you ever thought about all the health benefits that come with your own custom pool? Now you can get a great workout without ever having to leave your home. Swimming laps several times a week can help stimulate your muscles, build endurance, and provides you with a great workout that’s gentle on your joints. Having a pool can also help you relax, improving your mental and emotional wellbeing. Your kids are likely to experience these positive effects as well. Playing at the pool gets them outside and active, minimizing any future health risks that come from living a sedentary lifestyle. This summer, turn your home into your neighborhood’s favorite hangout spot and enjoy all fun possibilities! 


Create a Backyard Oasis

Custom inground pools are attractive features that let you choose from an endless range of customization options. With your pool installation, you can add lighting, fountains, and decorative tile or stone. Create the feeling that you have been swept away to a tropical paradise when choosing your surrounding landscape! Each time you step outside, it will be like stepping out of your home and into a luxury resort.


Increase Home Value

As a homeowner, increasing your home’s value lets you feel confident and know that one day you’ll get a return on your investment. A custom pool feature will make your home seem more attractive to potential buyers searching in the Wake Forest area. Choose a reliable inground pool that will serve you for years to come. When the time comes when you’re ready to sell, your pool will still be in good standing. 


Our Pool Installation Services in Holly Springs

At Prestige Pools, we provide comprehensive services related to both the design and construction of vinyl liner pools.

Custom Pool Design

In the first step of the process, our pool builders start by designing the right pool for the size and shape of your yard. Then, we will work within your budget, HOA guidelines and your design preferences to create an inground pool and surrounding deck area that’s a perfect fit for you and your and family.

Inground Pool Installation

Prestige’s Pools expert team in Holly Springs will use an efficient step-by-step building process to make sure things are handled quickly and without having to deal with any setbacks. After obtaining a permit, our builders will measure the diameter of your yard to make sure your custom pool is a perfect fit for you and your home. In the final step, we will chemically treat your brand new pool and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the end result before considering our job complete. 

Why Choose Us for Your Pool Installation?

At Prestige Pools, we’ve spent the last 15 years providing custom pool installation services to homeowners living in the Wake Forest area. Our portfolio showcases the hard work we’ve put into designing and installing custom-built pools that are intended to last you a lifetime. Our main objective is to create a sense of enjoyment every time you step into your backyard oasis. We value your opinion and we will not stop working until we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction from all of our current and potential clients. If you’re looking to finally transform your yard space, we’re here to help you! 

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Pool Company

If you are wondering if an in-ground pool is right for you, let’s talk! We offer consultations to discuss design, the installation process, and provide you with a quote. Call us today at 919-779-1033 or fill out the contact form below to get started!