Swimming Pool Builder in Flowers Plantation, NC

Do you look forward to summer all year? Many of us yearn for the summer months only to have to beat the heat by staying indoors in the air conditioning because it’s just too hot to be outside and enjoy it. A custom vinyl-lined, in-ground swimming pool in your backyard could be the perfect way to get your family away from the TV, experience the outdoors, and have the time of their lives during the summer!

Benefits of an In-Ground, Vinyl-Lined Swimming Pool

If an in-ground pool seems like a pipe dream, consider all the reasons why now could just be the right time to contact our custom pool builders.

Improve Health and Well-Being

Finding time to exercise may be challenging, but spending time in a beautiful backyard pool doesn’t seem to be! While you’re being refreshed, the water is a great way to get a low-impact exercise that gets you moving but is easy on the joints.

Additionally, the pool is a relaxing place that has benefits for emotional well-being by reducing stress and anxiety. This applies to both adults and children. A swimming pool is a place where the kids can be active and have fun, instead of sitting watching TV or gaming all day in the house. The pool is a great place for friends and family to gather, offering hours of socialization and entertainment. An added benefit is you’ll know where your children are and won’t have to worry!

Your Own Relaxing, Backyard Retreat

A custom in-ground vinyl pool automatically turns your backyard into a beautiful space for relaxation, socializing, and fun! You have endless customization options when designing your pool such as lighting, fountains, and decorative tile or stone. And, you can create a surrounding landscape that enhances the pool as well as your yard, so you have a lovely space in which to relax and rejuvenate without ever leaving your home!

Increase the Overall Value of Your Home

As a homeowner, you want to create a home that is appealing to potential buyers should you want to sell someday. An in-ground swimming pool can be an attractive feature that increases the value of your home whether you sell in the near future or further down the road. Vinyl pools last for many years so whenever you decide the time is right to sell, it will still be in good shape.


Whatever your budget, the lower cost of vinyl pools versus concrete pools makes it possible to create the type of pool you are dreaming of. You’ll likely have the budget for landscaping and additional water features that you may not have with other types of pools.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl-lined swimming pools require less maintenance than concrete or fiberglass pools. Because vinyl is a nonporous surface, it needs fewer chemicals to keep algae and other contaminants away. Liners are extremely durable; therefore, they last a long time. You may only need to replace a liner every ten years or so. And, maintenance with a vinyl-liner swimming pool is much easier than with other pools because of the surface and durability.

Why Choose Prestige Pools to Build Your Pool?

When you decide to have a vinyl-lined in-ground pool installed, you want a company that has the experience and high service level to do a great job. That is Prestige Pools. For over 15 years, we have been designing and building pools locally, including Clayton and the surrounding areas.

We know how to build and install a flawless pool that looks beautiful and that lasts for years. At Prestige Pools, we take pride in our work. To see some of our past projects, please view look at our pool installation portfolio as evidence of the dedication we have in our work. We strive to exceed homeowners’ expectations and achieve the highest level of quality and enjoyment in the final product.

Custom Pool Design

The first step of the process is designing the right pool for the size, shape, and terrain of your yard. We work within your budget, HOA guidelines, and your preferences when we create an in-ground pool and surrounding deck. Our selection of pool shapes and sizes give you many options.

We’ll help you arrive at the perfect new pool for your backyard space, which can include some of the following features:

  • Pool shape
  • Vinyl liner color
  • Spa and water treatments
  • Decking around the pool
  • Landscaping

In-Ground Pool Installation

Our pool builders serving Flowers Plantation have a step-by-step building process that makes the project as quick, efficient, and worry-free as possible. First, after obtaining the permit, we measure the space to make sure your custom pool is just the right fit. In the final step, we treat your new pool chemically and make sure you are completely satisfied with the end result. Only then do we consider the project completed.

Receive a Free Quote for a Vinyl-Lined Swimming Pool Installation Flowers Plantation

We want to help advise you on the best options for your yard. Based on our professionalism, knowledge, and experience, you can count on our team to give you recommendations that work with all the aspects of your property, as well as outline the pros and cons. We build the pool that meets your needs and unique situation. Call us today 919-779-1033 or fill out the form below to schedule a free quote for your swimming pool project.