Fiberglass Pools Raleigh

At Prestige Pools, the fiberglass pools we install in the Raleigh area come in over 100 different shapes and sizes and in 10 different colors. Combining one of over 1,000 fiberglass pool options with a completely custom waterline in tile, stone, brick, or concrete is the perfect way to beat the summer heat in a style all your own.

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Our fiberglass pools at Prestige Pools boast an inherent resistance to algae growth, making them simpler to maintain than other custom pool options. Fiberglass pools also feature a much smoother surface than most concrete pools, which helps you avoid scrapes and raw-feeling feet. We strive to deliver your dream backyard oasis in the Raleigh area, so we also provide a wide array of other custom options and accessories, including:
  • Automatic chemical feeders, automatic cleaners, programmable timers for lighting and pumps, and even automatic freeze protection
  • Custom waterline treatments in your choice of thousands of different tile, stone, brick, concrete, and other material options
  • Full landscaping, retaining wall building, and custom water treatment installation capabilities
  • And much more!
Our extensive options for shapes, sizes, and colors of fiberglass pools as well as custom decking options will ensure that your fiberglass pool will be totally unique to you. Call us today at 919-779-1033 or contact us to learn more about how we at Prestige Pools can install the custom fiberglass pool of your dreams anywhere in the Raleigh, NC area!