Swimming Pool Builders in Coats, NC

In-ground swimming pools are the perfect way to cool off during the warm and hot months. Prestige Pools of NC offers a wide range of pool options for your home.   You can trust Prestige Pools to implement the custom pool project for your backyard while incorporating your requirements and design goals. We love working with our customers to come up with the perfect in-ground pool oasis.

This may include some of the following features:

  • Different pool shapes and sizes
  • Vinyl liner pool bottoms
  • Surfaces to surround the pool

Custom, In-ground Swimming Pool Options

coats nc swimming pool builderConcrete pools can be rough underfoot and with the increased cost of materials these days, they can be very expensive to build. As an alternative, vinyl pools offer a smooth underwater surface, while also being a cost-effective solution for an in-ground pool.

Before pool construction, we will work with you so that you can choose the best options for design and budget. You can choose from a wide selection of pool shapes including Rectangle, Free-form, and True-L, and more.  The materials used for custom waterline treatment also have an extensive selection which may be brick, tile, concrete, or a selection of natural stone.

Benefits of an In-Ground, Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool

Fitness, Well-Being, and Health

Swimming is a great exercise for your overall well-being and toning muscles. Swimming has a reputation for being a low-impact exercise because it’s gentle on joints while also getting stimulating the circulatory system. Additionally, swimming can be very relaxing which is good for reducing stress and anxiety. What could be better than having your own backyard oasis? You can enjoy your pool any time of day or night while breathing in the fresh air as you swim.

Family Entertainment

A pool in your own outdoor space is perfect entertainment for adults and kids alike. It is a great way to get kids outside and active without having to leave their own backyard.

Enjoy your Very Own Backyard Experience

Why take expensive vacations when you can create your own enchanting escape in your backyard? To help create the perfect oasis, there are many different landscaping ideas to choose from and pretty features such as fountains and waterfalls. The pool builders at Prestige Pools of NC have the expertise to help you design your own private getaway, directly out the back door.

Enhance the Value of your Home

An in-ground pool is something that will always catch the eyes of potential home buyers. If you end up wanting to sell up your property in the future, an in-ground swimming pool can appeal to a targeted list of buyers, making it a sound investment for the future value of your home.

Choose a Trusted Swimming Pool Builder You Can Count On

Prestige Pools of NC have been exceeding customers’ expectations for over 15 years! Our swimming pool builders are top rated because we have a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction.  You can count on us to use our expertise in helping you create a spectacular backyard oasis.

Some Final Hightlights on Vinyl Liner, Swimming Pools

At this point, you may be imagining your future as a vinyl pool owner. Here are a few more highlights:

  • Vinyl pools are very durable. If you want to keep them in the best condition then consider replacing the vinyl liner once every decade.
  • To replace the vinyl pool liner will cost in the region of $4,900. This may seem somewhat costly, but it is actually around half the price of a fiberglass pool.
  • The initial time taken for vinyl pool installation will be between 4-6 weeks. This may depend on factors such as the size and shape of the pool, however, 4-6 weeks is a good benchmark.
  • Your pool builder may use one of a few different materials to go underneath the vinyl. These may include structural foam, vermiculite, or masonry sand. Vermiculite is the most commonly used material nowadays.

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