Steps in Concrete Pool Construction

If you’re considering constructing a concrete in-ground pool and have never gone through the process before, we are certain that you have many questions. Things like…How do I get the design aligned with the topography of my lot? What size should it be? How long will it take? Can I start it in the winter or should I wait until the spring? Should I go with fresh water or salt water? These are all very pertinent and need to be decided upfront so the construction process goes smoothly.

At Prestige Pools, this is what we do, so we are experienced in leading you through the process. We like our clients to have an understanding of what is entailed and what to expect. By laying out a plan and expectations, you experience very few, if any, hiccups along the way. In this article, we give you the general process and decisions you’ll need to make in constructing a concrete pool. If you would like more detailed information on the process of building a concrete pool, from start to finish, look at our article “Building a Concrete Pool.”

Consultation Appointment

It’s important to have a face-to-face consultation appointment at the beginning of the process, not just a telephone conversation. This gives you the information you need to make certain decisions, not the least of which is the company you want to contract with for the pool construction. This first appointment sets expectations and determines if everyone is on the same page with such things as 1) the reasons you want the pool, 2) the size of the pool, 3) whether your vision and your yard are a match, 4) the time to build it, and 5) any customizations you want.

Custom Concrete PoolWhy Do You Want a Pool?

Thinking about the reasons you want a concrete pool in your backyard will help you determine some of the other decisions you have to make such as the size, the features, and the aesthetic of the pool. There are hundreds of reasons for having a pool. They are fun. They provide health benefits through exercise. They are convenient. They are a great way to be social. You may want a pool for all of these reasons.

Defining why you want a pool is a great exercise to go through in order to get a more firm and clear picture of what your pool will look like. Will your pool have a diving board? What kind of lighting will be around the pool? Do you want natural rock fixtures? Waterfalls? How about a swim-up bar? Jump-off perches? Put everything you want your pool to include on a list. That is the starting point. You can always trim it down if you need to.

Going with Concrete or Not?

One of the first big decisions you need to make is whether to have a concrete pool, fiberglass, or vinyl. A concrete pool is a high-quality swimming pool that lasts for years before it even needs basic maintenance or repairs. Concrete pools are made with shotcrete or gunite, which are mixtures of concrete or sand that are sprayed onto a metal frame. A fiberglass pool also lasts a long time and is low maintenance. The upfront costs are similar, with concrete being a bit more expensive. Read here for more detailed information on concrete and vinyl. The big advantage of a concrete pool is customization. Fiberglass pools have set sizes and use pre-designed molds. A concrete pool gives you the ability to create a custom-designed pool so it can be super long or deep. If you want a dramatic, distinctive pool, then concrete is your best option.

Completed Custom Concrete Pool

Time Required to Build

A concrete pool will require 3 to 6 months to build. It’s a long-term proposition. As with other types of construction, the time will vary depending on several factors such as the project’s complexity and the number of inspections required. There are stages along the way that can’t be skipped or shortened, less you end up with a pool that isn’t good quality. Planning, designing, modifying budgets, and other upfront steps should be taken into consideration as well as excavating and pouring concrete. Even if all these phases go super smoothly, you will be looking at 45 to 75 days from start to finish. With concrete or gunite, 28 to 30 days is needed for curing. Your construction company will go over all of the details during the initial consultation meeting.

Size and Shape

Your yard is a major factor in the size and shape of your pool. Most people don’t have sprawling estates, so being creative and compromising will more than likely come into play in the design of your pool. Measuring the area where the pool will be located as well as determining what needs to be done to get the space ready for pool construction are top of the list. Will trees need to be removed? Will the ground need to be leveled? Will retaining walls need to be built? Your pool construction company can help you with this analysis.

How you intend to use the pool is also important when considering the size and shape. Will people be swimming laps in the pool? If so, it should be rectangular and fairly large. How many people might be in the pool at once? Generally, an 18′ x 36′ pool for a household of six to eight people is a rule-of-thumb.

Saltwater or Freshwater Pool?

With a concrete pool, you have the option of either using salt water or fresh water. You’ll want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the two types. Read here for more information on the pros and cons of each option. This information will help you in making this decision. Basically, the biggest difference between the two types of water is how the chlorine is delivered to sanitize and kill bacteria. For a freshwater pool, you add the chlorine using tablets or chemicals, so this impacts your time. You will need to have a schedule for adding the chlorine as well as a place for storing it. For a saltwater pool, a chlorine generator supplies chlorine continuously with a consistent flow of chlorine. There is no need to buy, handle, or store chemicals with a saltwater pool.

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