Keith and Sheila’s Custom Concrete Pool

Keith and Sheila wanted a pool both for their school-aged children as well as for social entertaining. They were specific about what shape and size they wanted, so purchasing a custom concrete pool was the obvious choice. After hand drawing their ideas on paper, a digital rendering was complete and they began the process. Theirs is a large pool, so a lot of dirt had to be trucked out.

After digging the hole and shaping the pool, they decided to add a small step to the entry where they could have a beach umbrella and space for chairs near the bubblers they were going to have installed. This ended up being one of their favorite parts of the pool as Sheila and her friends love to sit in the pool under the umbrella and watch their children play on those hot summer days. Another unique design feature they wanted was a large shallow end much more shallow than the standard 3 feet, so their shallow end measures just under 2 feet deep so adults can sit in the water. They then have steps next to a tiled water fall with sheer descents down to their transition and 9ft deep end where there is a premium slide and diving rock for endless hours of entertainment for the children – and sometimes adults.

They chose to have standard brushed concrete around the pool as well as a retaining wall to create elevation changes around the pool. The color they chose was Ocean Isle blue which is complimented by the Pentair LED lights.