Swimming Pool Builders in Apex

Build a Backyard Oasis with a Gorgeous In-ground Pool

Summers can be brutal in North Carolina. The scorching heat and high humidity take all the joy out of being outdoors. Days are spent locked indoors in front of the AC and leaves you and your family begging for cooler weather. This year, Look forward to warmer months by building a tropical oasis in the back of your Apex home. Spend this year relaxing under the sun in your own custom in-ground pool!

Is an In-ground Pool Right for You?

Before you dismiss the possibility of having your own in-ground pool, take a minute to reach out to our expert builders in Apex to learn more about all the potential benefits that come from having your own swimming oasis. Our team at Prestige Pool will help transform your dream into a reality!

Improve Quality of Life

Increase your fitness level with your very own pool. It’s no secret that physical activity is important for our health and well-being. If you’re looking to get in better shape, swimming laps can increase muscular strength and endurance. No longer will you have to waste time commuting to a gym that’s crowded full of people. For those suffering from joint pain, try doing your own aqua aerobics. This gentle exercise still gets your heart pumping without increasing your risk of injury. Besides improving your fitness, having a custom pool aids in relaxation, decreases stress levels, and helps balance your emotional state. Playing at the pool will even help your kids feel calmer by giving them an outlet to get rid of any of their built-up energy. Spend your summers laughing with friends and hosting social engagements by your in-ground pool. Enjoy a newfound quality of life by stepping foot into your own tropical paradise right outside your door! 


Create a Backyard Oasis

Pool installation service lets you customize your in-ground pool according to your own special preferences. Add a waterfall to create a tropical oasis or make your night swim more exciting with colorful LED lights. Other design features include decorative stone or tile work, landscaping options, and much more! If you’re looking to learn more about all the different pool personalization options we offer, contact us today!


Increase Home Value

Installing a custom in-ground pool will undoubtedly increase the value of your home. This feature will make your house stand out and further attract potential homebuyers searching for properties in the Apex area. For those considering moving in the future, selecting an inground pool stands as a wise decision since it will last you for years. In the meantime, enjoy using your pool and feel confident knowing that one day you will get a return on your investment. 

Swimming Pool Installation Services in Apex

Our team of expert builders at Prestige Pools offer comprehensive services for both the design and construction of vinyl liner pools.

Custom Pool Design

The first step to creating your own tropical paradise starts with designing a pool that’s a perfect fit for you and your home. Our Expert builders will evaluate the size and shape of your yard, go over your budget, and discuss your design preferences to achieve a custom pool you can’t wait to use every day. 

In-ground Pool Installation

Our professional builders in Apex use a painless step-by-step process to ensure the installation process is as seamless as possible. Once we get our permit, we’ll work diligently to measure your yard space and chemically-treat your pool. We do not consider the job to be over until we have been given your 100% satisfaction. 

Why Choose Us for Your Pool Installation?

Prestige Pools continues to provide pool installation services for homeowners living in the Apex area. We have dedicated 15 years to building custom, state-of-the-art pools that are designed specifically with your needs in mind. You can take a look at some of our completed projects in our portfolio. We aim to exceed homeowners’ expectations by providing quality assurance and through countless hours of hard work creating their very own custom pool. Let’s work together to build the pool of your dreams and transform your back yard into a personal paradise! 

Schedule a Free Quote for an In-Ground Swimming Pool

If you are deciding whether a custom in-ground pool is right for you, call us today! Our team of experts will go over your design preferences, our installation process, and provide you with a quote, all free of charge! Call us today at 919-779-1033 or fill out the contact form below to get started!